dark poetry

Forbidden Love

We fall in love with the forbidden ones,
Why I can never fathom,
We resort to make believe,
And lose everything we can gather

Search for perfection and shadows of fantasies
A folly we chose to live in,
With experience of many untouched at our disposal
Wilderness begins to set in

It was uncanny, to come across a person like you,
but our paths crossed and the world seemed better for a few hours.
Happiness is short lived, so they say,
I am starting to believe it now.

What is happiness?
I always wondered.
Is it because of the rush we find in doing things, we shouldn’t?
Or because we find a reason to make believe and end mundane living?

Faith pondered upon these questions,
Answers never to be found
And somehow the temporary happiness makes me happy for now
Forbidden love to go on until we get caught


Questions and Heartbreak

I wonder, how many times it might have been
To be cried without being seen
A thirst quenched yet
A tear let out, subtle
Somewhere it may seem

Like we were meant to be
Why does it have to end then?
Why does it have to hurt?
Have I chose this life on purpose?
Or have the I chose to simply exist on surface?
With questions just as many
Would the limited answers suffice?
Will this be another heartbreak?
Or will we survive?

It was only until for a while,
A couple of hours of togetherness,
Expectations weighed heavier on one end,
And everything began to fail
The questions were answered in a matter of hours
Scared from love, he devoured
The answer was Goodbye, an easy way out
There lies another heartbreak
And days of left out.


Have you found me special
Have you found me nice
How about my hair, do you think it’s nice?
What about my eyes, do you think they shine?
I am killing a part of me with every passing second
I feel numb every time you stare
I know I am nothing what you desire
But I can’t save myself from this self proclaimed warfare
I seek revelation from the enemies
I give nothing to the ones I love
And loneliness seeks redemption from me
Resurrection and untouched scars they spur
How about now, have you found me special
Do you think I’m nice
Do you like my morality
Or should I cease my existence’s for all times

-Nishtha Pandey


Blood stained hands
Shiver in disgrace
A new world found
A dream lost again
She screamed his name
Every night
A desperate call for help
Overlooked by life
Conjuring the absence
Silence filled lanes
She stifled from sanity
And refuge in lies
Until the day dawn conquered
Collecting souls that wander
Aimlessly in labyrinths undefined
She woke from slumber
That was meant to kill her smile

Purple Eyed Sorrow

Irresistible urge to cut through sorrow
Through inferno where desires wallow
Unkempt truth entangled with deceives
Purple eyed sorrow conquers the kingdom to only thrive

Demons linger on the pathway like a lie untold
Shadows in the darkness awaits it turn to unfold
Distraught is the state of King’s men pillars
Simply drowned in chaos they choose to wither

Among the many rules she lived
A fair, just queen to the world and kin
No demon or god could unravel her skin
Sacrifice and compassion she gave to those in need

Demons awaited to sow the seed of their succession
A purple eyed sorrow that brought despair and destruction
Like an old kingdom the queen was conquered too
Purple eyed sorrow grew inside her like a possession

The Darkened Forest

She sits under the darkened trees
Lighting her cigarette
She barely breathes

The forest smells of blood and forgotten kiss
One she resented once
The careful path that leads to a despairing bliss

Her thoughts are making way to her skin
Where they linger
Before they are forgotten like an unfulfilled wish

The cloud of smoke overhead makes her hazy
She dreams of tomorrow
And another night that is not weary



Voices speak in whispers in an empty room
Or through footsteps on a rainy night
Whiff of horror on your neck
Or screams of terror near a tomb under the moonlight

The faceless whispers terrorize your serenity
Haunt your dreams of delight
The memories bright and joyous
Are now drowned in blood and disguise

The voices seduce you to a dream of world perfected
A dream in red and colours that were once destructed
An illusion so real
Forlorn made of fear

The voices target the empty souls
The lonely and the lost
Ones that are easily made fools
And hidden truth from at all cost

A night that arrives like reapers to abducted the soul
And like the dead and the over they walk behind the immoral goals

The voices aches to take form in human life
They sway in frustration and walk on limbs of time
Voices pushes the weak over a cliff like to pay a mortgage
And death stands there waiting and swallows the miserable carcass

The Ferris Wheel

From The Ferris Wheel the star fell on her feet
The night light up like the coruscation
She grabbed the stars and asked for more
Greed took over
And destroyed her soul
Stars turned to tears and fell from the sky
Drenched in tears she looked like an angels defied
The Gods refused to provide her with more
In Greed and Lust she gave up on hope
The Ferris Wheel that was once her escape
It now captured her dreams
And refused to let the stars fall
And light her life with gleam


Illusions and Dreams

Dreams and illusions share a void relationship
Its the difference of a breath between both
Silent tears and innovative souls
Together they bind the brigdes to the darkness as whole
With the aim that is lost
They take you far
On a road that is broken
Away from real
Walking down the dreamy lanes
A turn to the illusions place
It was unexpected
Like a storm
In Dark and destructive ways
Or silent like death
Where stars of far north can whisper
Far away from home
Where soul weeps
And sins that drown you whole

With a fluttering lid
The reality slides in
To realize it is only a dream
To find your purpose in the broken stream
To fulfill your need
To give up on all the deeds
That is incapable to see the light
To live up to your illusions in every dream
To find a million escape
Where illusions are real
And songs are sung
And souls weep everyday