Questions and Heartbreak

I wonder, how many times it might have been
To be cried without being seen
A thirst quenched yet
A tear let out, subtle
Somewhere it may seem

Like we were meant to be
Why does it have to end then?
Why does it have to hurt?
Have I chose this life on purpose?
Or have the I chose to simply exist on surface?
With questions just as many
Would the limited answers suffice?
Will this be another heartbreak?
Or will we survive?

It was only until for a while,
A couple of hours of togetherness,
Expectations weighed heavier on one end,
And everything began to fail
The questions were answered in a matter of hours
Scared from love, he devoured
The answer was Goodbye, an easy way out
There lies another heartbreak
And days of left out.



‘Come to me dear child’ mother whispered as it rained that night,
‘Come’ she called as father joined in on a peaceful delight.
Deep in blackened night, harmony broke the silenced fright,
My roots sprouted as the soil beneath me screamed out a welcomed cry.

The fluttering wings of fireflies and worms groomed in soil,
Praised the lord as my roots deepened, and they began to coil
Excitement of new bud hardly wore out soon,
I raised my head above the soil in the silent glistening moon.

Day after day, Moon after moon,
The roots coiled under, budding seed began to bloom.
Grasping the air of freedom at night,
I dreamed constantly of the shadows in Mother’s light.

Finally the moon arrived, when I was made whole,
Father shouted, mother rejoiced as they welcomed a brand new soul.
Daisy they called me, a new name to rhyme,
Brought in world to spread joy, laughter and commence a future divine.

Days after the celebration was over, a child fixated on me for a while,
I welcomed him with open arms and warm loving smile.
The child chuckled as he touched my stem and plucked me from the soil,
My fragrance was all that lingered and dreams that wore out their veil.





Alastair demanded to know the truth ” Who weaves your dream?”
The boy weeping under the stable light said it was the fairy queen
Alastair hit him with a plough kept near by
He fell on the floor bleeding, horses stomped their feet in disagreement
As if the Gods turned their back on the boy
Everything he believed in, now stood still
Alastair walked into the house
The boy laid still
A stream of light burned up the stable
“Run” the fairy queen said
And so he did, he ran and ran until he reached the river
Scared and rotten
He sailed to the other side of the river
Where moonlight was bright, during the day he did menial jobs and earned bread
At night he stared at the moon, increasing and decreasing periodically. He counted his age according to the moon periods. In a town unknown, he found life.
As the years passed, he made a life that he found in this strange town
He grew up on the bread he found. Until the fairy queen visited, and whispered “Love”
And so the following morning his search began. And so he did, years later, the boy turned into a man. A man blessed with a beautiful wife and even much more beautiful daughters.
He loved them very much, but yet every night he dreamt of Alastair. The scars he gave the boy. Fairy queen visited him at due intervals and assured that he will have his revenge.
And then, the day of revenge dawned. Rumour had it, his little girl had sailed towards the other side of river. He followed her traces which were now fainting, but it led to Alastair. A man he disgusted. A man he loathed.
“Daddy, daddy. Please help me. Please help me” his daughter screamed
Alastair laughed, as if he was mocking the innocence of her.
The boy was gone, the man punched him down and pointed a shotgun to his head and whispered “Run”
Alastair now was frightened but he ran in order to save his life. As the distance between them came to a few meters, the man shot a single bullet, aiming right through Alastair chest and fell bleeding on the ground. The boy had his revenge. A demon was dead. The dream lived.