Forbidden Love

We fall in love with the forbidden ones,
Why I can never fathom,
We resort to make believe,
And lose everything we can gather

Search for perfection and shadows of fantasies
A folly we chose to live in,
With experience of many untouched at our disposal
Wilderness begins to set in

It was uncanny, to come across a person like you,
but our paths crossed and the world seemed better for a few hours.
Happiness is short lived, so they say,
I am starting to believe it now.

What is happiness?
I always wondered.
Is it because of the rush we find in doing things, we shouldn’t?
Or because we find a reason to make believe and end mundane living?

Faith pondered upon these questions,
Answers never to be found
And somehow the temporary happiness makes me happy for now
Forbidden love to go on until we get caught


The Ferris Wheel

From The Ferris Wheel the star fell on her feet
The night light up like the coruscation
She grabbed the stars and asked for more
Greed took over
And destroyed her soul
Stars turned to tears and fell from the sky
Drenched in tears she looked like an angels defied
The Gods refused to provide her with more
In Greed and Lust she gave up on hope
The Ferris Wheel that was once her escape
It now captured her dreams
And refused to let the stars fall
And light her life with gleam