Questions and Heartbreak

I wonder, how many times it might have been
To be cried without being seen
A thirst quenched yet
A tear let out, subtle
Somewhere it may seem

Like we were meant to be
Why does it have to end then?
Why does it have to hurt?
Have I chose this life on purpose?
Or have the I chose to simply exist on surface?
With questions just as many
Would the limited answers suffice?
Will this be another heartbreak?
Or will we survive?

It was only until for a while,
A couple of hours of togetherness,
Expectations weighed heavier on one end,
And everything began to fail
The questions were answered in a matter of hours
Scared from love, he devoured
The answer was Goodbye, an easy way out
There lies another heartbreak
And days of left out.



Waiting on the shore
A dream stopped by
Waves were being adored
By others on this side
Little did the onlookers know
A soul floated inside
Disturbed by the way of life
Itself decided to die
Onlookers watched the man drown
They were silenced like they have always been
Nobody saved his soul
Everybody termed it as sin
Given up on reality
An idea said final adieu
Waves consumed the cloaked soul
Left the idea on the shore

Nishtha Pandey